NEW! Using Call-To-Action Links In Tags To Increase Engagement

Now links are available in Tags for your 3D Walkthrough Tours

Why is this a big deal? Not only can you use Tags to sell your products and services 24/7 embedded in your walkthrough, you can now add links within them to increase engagement with strong calls to action.

Here are some examples for industries we serve:

  • Art & Art Galleries – they see a piece of art they like, add a link that goes to the artist’s webpage to learn more about the artist or to purchase the piece.
  • Retail – See an appliance, furniture, or decoration you like – add a link to the product page on your website or link to add that item to online shopping cart.
  • Real Estate – Having an open house? Add a link to your Realtors web page form to sign up.
  • Travel & Hospitality – Make a reservation – Add your online reservation link and get remote online customers to book it right away. Hotels can also use it to upsell to premium suites.  Link to a brochure telling about the history or tour of local attractions.  Cross sell and link to a sister hotel in another city.
  • Restaurants – Add your Open Table or online reservation.
  • Construction & Engineering – Create a visual punch list with links to tickets or tracking documents. Link to documentation such as plumbing certifications or electrical appliance users guide.

You can also use links in tags to redirect to related spaces – like a shed or barn.  Large commercial buildings can divide properties into regions and use links to connect each region can be single unique and individual models.  Commercial properties can use it to connect to models with different layouts. Corporate managers can use tags and links for annual facility review processes and flag areas that need closer review or maintenance requirements.

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